Plump Firm & Tone with the restorative powers of Boustise Breast and Bum Creams



Infused with fat cell revitalizing QuadraPLUMP™ + fat cell recruiting Volufiline, our featherlight serum and cream formulas enrich cleavage, breasts, hips and butts with a synergistic blend of clean skin repairing nutritive actives for optimal curve enhanced results.

Visible improvements are gradually seen through increased volumization, improved structural support, revitalized skin strength, skin plumping moisture retention, and minimization of cellulite, stretch marks, or blotches.

Get a closer look at all of the benefits of Boustise!

Innovative Ingredients, Maximum Efficacy

Our Products Feature:

QuadraPLUMP™ + Volufiline + Repairing & Rejuvenating Actives

QuadraPLUMP™ - Lipid Collecting Hydration Boosting SUPERSTAR Actives

Mediterranean Sea Fern Ferment: has the unique ability to enhance fat lipid collection and retention

Giant Kelp: Deep micronutrient powerhouse to increase dermal fat cell and dermal structural strength

Tamarind Seed: in studies outperforms hyaluronic acid in moisture retention, and aids in nutrient transport

Pomegranate Seed: increases nitric acid levels in skin to help boost transfer of nutritives, promotes Type III connective tissue collagen and moisture retention

Volufiline (Zhi Mu): Asian root found to boost recruitment of additional fat cells during their normal turnover cycle

(+ Other Lifting Firming and Rejuvenating Ingredients)


Boustise’s microsphere encapsulated formula also contains Fat Soluble Vitamin A C and E to promote healthy skin formation with a more even structure with an increased capacity for moisture retention.

Multi-Peptides and Gotu Kola help promote collagen producing fibroblasts while White Peony, Niacin, and CoQ10 optimize skin metabolism for all age groups.


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

4.96 average
214 reviews

This cream works wonders. It takes time to notice amazing results. But after using it in the morning and before bed my breasts have completely filled in and look way better than before I used it. I had 4 kids so I was worried they would never look the same again. But this cream has drastically improved both my look and courage.


Verified Customer

This is the best stuff EVER. Its worth the price and I suggest buying 2 bottles. Its truly miraculous and the results are fantastic.

Los Angeles, CA

Amazon Customer

I have had an ongoing problem with firmness and loss of my chest over the years and didn't think there was anything I could do except get implant or reconstruction surgery... This gave me the breasts I had in my 20s. Not only is it easy to apply but it allows me to be comfortable in my skin again and my husband hasn't complained one bit!


Verified Customer

What an amazing cream!! I never expected to see results so soon this is wonderful


Verified Customer

I'm a larger chested woman but as I age I've noticed the fullness at the top of my chest has diminished. This cream smooths the stretchmarks and plumps the tissue beautifully. I am hoping for lasting results, but am pleased thus far.


Verified Customer

This stuff works great! I do not have very big breasts at all and ever since I have been using this they have grown quite a bit. It smells great and goes on so smooth.

Jenna B.

Verified Customer

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