How To Increase Breast Size Naturally With Food

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How To Increase Breast Size Naturally With Food

In a recent worldwide study, 48% of women surveyed wanted a bigger bust. While there are surgical options available for those seeking a more dramatic change, and topicals that have come a long way in efficacy in recent years, we are going to discuss natural ways to enhance our curves from the inside. The most fundamental way to achieve this is by focusing on the types of food we eat. Today, we are going to deep dive into the world of natural breast enhancement through food.

When it comes to factors influencing the size of the breasts, it comes down to not only what we eat but also our ability to digest and process nutrition. Nutrients, vitamins, and healthy fats help to build collagen and the optimal hormone balance needed to maintain plump and balance to those tissues. 

Most modern lifestyles are deficient in some key micronutrients or beneficial microflora critical for ideal tissue and skin health, resulting in excess inflammation and sagging depleted skin and curves.

Which Collagen Promoting Foods Help Breast Growth?

 Foods with healthy fats and antioxidants for bigger breast size

The breast structures are mostly composed of collagen, fat cells, and connective tissue, so it is essential to nourish the healthy regenerative processes of this area to promote the reduction of inflammation.

As we age, our collagen production decreases, leading to sagging and loss of volume. To combat this, it is essential to consume foods that contain collagen-nurturing factors. By consuming these collagen-beneficial foods, we can help to maintain and potentially increase the size and appearance of our breasts.

  1. Minerals: 

    Minerals are finally becoming more widely recognized for their role in breast tissue health and vitality. They help facilitate energy production in cells and enhance tissue strength and moisture retention, and the lowering of skin damaging inflammation. Nuts, Seeds, and Beans are great sources of skin-boosting minerals such as magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, and folic acid, which are all critical for healthy plump breasts.


    As many of us are consuming low-mineral, soil-depleted, or processed foods, and drinking filtered bottled water, these additions can make a real visible difference within months of incorporation into your daily diet in the plumpness and volume of the breasts. One key tip for beans especially is to sprout them for a day before cooking to unlock mineral availability and improve digestion.

  2. Vitamin C:

    Fresh enzyme-rich foods high in vitamin C and other supportive antioxidants, such as watermelon, berries, kiwi, citrus fruits, and bell peppers, can help to boost collagen production while supporting the absorption of nutrients in the gut. These bright colored fruits and vegetables help to improve skin tone and increase breast size while protecting against damage from free radicals for a refreshed plump and glow.


  3. Nitric Oxide: 

    Naturally produced by the body, and crucial for cardiovascular and skin health, nitric oxide promoting foods are a natural and non-invasive option for those looking to enhance their bust.

    Foods that contain nitric oxide boosting factors include pomegranate, beets, spinach, arugula, dark chocolate, organic lean meats, and watermelon, among others. Nitric oxide helps to dilate blood vessels, enhancing blood flow and circulation to the breasts, leading to increased fullness and size through enhanced nutrient uptake.

  4. Protein / Amino-Acids: 

    Some great protein, amino-acid, and collagen-nurturing foods to add to your diet include bone broth, wild-caught fish, free-range organic chicken, organic lean meats, and free-range eggs. These foods contain amino acids like proline and glycine along with easily digestible proteins that are essential for collagen production. This helps to repair and build new tissue, which can contribute to firmer, fuller breasts.


  5. Omega 3: 

    Omega 3s have long been heralded in promoting breast size and tissue health. Some of the best food sources of essential Omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial in having a plush chest is wild-caught salmon, free-range eggs, avocado, and even caviar in moderation! So go ahead and indulge in that morning egg and avocado toast or salmon and caviar canapes!


Omega 3 food for breast enhancement egg avocado sprouts toast salmon caviar canape 

Which Phytoestrogen-Containing Foods Increase Breast Size?

Phytoestrogens are plant-based compounds that mimic estrogen in the body.  which can lead to increased breast size.

We first need to remember that genetics play a major role in determining breast size. However, there are certain foods that help naturally increase estrogen levels in the body, which can aid in breast growth. Here are some foods that you should consider incorporating into your diet:

Phytoestrogen-rich seeds like flaxseed, sesame seeds, and fennel seeds can help increase breast size naturally. They are natural estrogen boosters and hormone optimizers which have been used for centuries to encourage breast growth. 

Sprouts such as alfalfa sprouts, clover, broccoli, and mung bean sprouts are high-nutrition, bioavailable options which have shown to be particularly effective in healthfully promoting bigger breasts.

Eating a diet high in raw foods can also aid in breast growth. This is because raw fruits and vegetables are high in enzymes, which can help promote healthy estrogen production.

However, it’s important to note that too much estrogen can be harmful if detoxification channels are impaired, and it can accumulate in the body. Therefore, it is essential to balance out the phytoestrogens with iodine-containing foods like fish, seafood, or kelp, which can help regulate hormone levels and facilitate effective estrogen clearance.

 Phytoestrogen rich sprouts foods for bust size enlargement

Probiotic-Rich Foods to Boost Breast Size

The ability to effectively digest and process nutrients from food can naturally help promote healthy skin and body contours. Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria that reside in our digestive system, play an important role in maintaining the overall health of our digestive systems.

They can help boost the immune system, which is important for lowering inflammation and involved in tissue repair. Probiotics also facilitate digestion, enhancing the absorption of nutrients and healthy fats that care crucial for a well-toned and plumped bust. Unbalanced microflora due to poor diet, illness, or extended stress can lead to dull, dry, inflamed, or premature sagging of the skin. Incorporating fermented foods into your diet can help ensure you are maintaining your best breast and skin health.

Studies have also suggested that probiotics can increase collagen production, which can lead to improved skin health and connective tissue. Some examples of probiotic-containing foods include yogurt made from coconut or dairy, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi. By including these foods in your diet, you may experience improved nutrient absorption, reduced inflammation, and increased cellular energy production, which may help support the growth of healthy breast tissue and potentially enhance breast size.

woman eating probiotic rich keifer yogurt food for bigger breast size 

Other Tips to Increase Breast Size with Food 

In addition to incorporating the foods mentioned earlier to your meals, there are other dietary suggestions that could help boost breast size:

  1. Consume more protein: Eating foods that are rich in protein can help develop and reinforce breast tissue. Opt for organic lean meats, wild-caught fish, free-range eggs, and plant-based options like pea, tofu, and tempeh.
  2. Avoid processed foods: Processed foods are generally high in unhealthy fats and chemicals that can cause inflammation and disrupt hormone levels. It's advisable to steer clear of these foods as much as possible.
  3. Stay hydrated: Drinking plenty of water is vital to keep breast tissue hydrated and healthy while aiding nutrient transportation to cells.
  4. Use a topical nutrition breast enhancement product: Scientists agree that to affect the nutrition of a target area, the best way is through the skin. We recommend award winning clean products like micro-delivery, time released, plumping, lifting, and firming, Boustise Bust Enhancement Serum.

Although there are no guarantees when it comes to natural breast enlargement, including these foods and dietary suggestions in your routine can help improve overall breast health and potentially aid in breast growth. For best outcomes, combine them with healthy sleeping habits and gentle to moderate chest and breast strengthening workouts.

The most important takeaway is to embrace your appearance and feel self-assured and stunning in your skin. You're not just establishing healthy routines and lasting wellness for your curves but also for your entire body.