How natural body bust and buttock enhancement creams work with ingredients and reviews

Boosting Skins Vital Functions

Harnessing the innate regenerative capabilities of the body, Boustise delivers revolutionary microdelivery enhanced topical formulas to plump, lift, firm, and rejuvenate breasts, hip, buttock, and thighs, improving the skin function for flawless curve enhancement.


Exceptional Extracts for Captivating Curves

With 16+ years of feedback and product refinement producing womens body enhancement products, we understand the benefits of incorporating organic elements whenever possible.

Using solvent-free Co2 and steam distilled extractions in most primary ingredients, providing clean concentrated actives in just the right amounts for irritant free effective results.

Boustise is infused with actives containing the same key nutrients the body requires to support fat cell expression, recover lackluster curves, and promote fuller, more lifted breasts and bum bums through microdelivery enhanced topical skin nutrition.  

Woman applying luxury Boustise Breast Enhancement Serum Cream to glowing skin
Liposome micro-delivery incapsulated ingredients in Boustise Breast Enhancement Serum Buttocks Creams

Innovative Ingredients Maximum Efficacy

We find it essential to use Microdelivery Encapsulation technology, which helps to time-release essential actives to the correct depth for targeted and longer duration effectiveness.

Unlike traditional creams where actives clump together, sitting primarily on the skin surface, Boustise utilizes clean liposome technology comprised of plant based cellulose that when electrically charged, forms spherical pods to micro-encapsulate the nutrient actives used in our formulas.

Epigentix Boustise Microdelivery Liposome Technology for fast Bust and Bum enhancement

2x A Day, Visible Results in Weeks

  • Boustise Breast and Buttock Creams feature a synergistic combination of microdelivery enhanced fat cell nutrition for volume support

  • Bust and bum strengthening deep collagen building nutrition for firmness and youthful perkiness

  • Superficial stretch mark and cellulite minimizing vitamins and powerful antioxidants

  • Skin and structural revitalization with key adaptogens and metabolic optimizers for youthful perkiness with a plump and sculpted look