Liposome micro-delivery incapsulated ingredients in Boustise Breast Enhancement Serum Buttocks Creams


Boustise Bum Plumping Cream features a luxurious Shea Butter and Grape Seed Oil based nutrient loaded microsphere ecapsulated formula.

Unparalleled Buttocks Plumping: Hydration and fatty acid inducting and locking QuadraPLUMP + fat recruiting Volufiline.

Booty Smoothing and Firming: Fat-soluble Vitamin A C and E antioxidants promote healthy skin formation with a more even structure with an increased capacity for moisture retention.

Buttocks Tightening and Lifting: Multi-Peptides and Gotu Kola help promote collagen producing fibroblasts while White Peony, Niacin, and CoQ10 optimize skin metabolism for all age groups.