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Featuring QuadraPLUMP™ - Lipid Collecting Hydration Boosting SUPERSTAR Actives

The key to volumization and plumping ability of Boustise resides in 4 potent plant based fat trapping moisture binding extracts.

When combined their synergistic ability to attract, capture, and retain fatty lipids and moisture to the bust is enhanced for a gradual enhancement of bust contours.

• Mediterranean Brown Sea Fern has the unique ability to enhance lipid moisturization.

• Organic Myrrh (which was more valuable than gold in historic times) Shown to increase moisture retention effect

• Organic Pomegranate Seed oil to help boost transfer of nutritives and moisture retention

• Tamarind seed extract in studies outperforms hyaluronic acid in moisture retention, and aids in nutrient transport

Our goal is to provide women with a viable bust enhancement solution without having to resort to invasive and risky treatments. Boustise always strives to use potent organic actives when possible, with clean ingredients and technologies for effective targeted worry free results!