Getting to the Bottom of Shapely Busts and Butts with Boustise

Boustise powered bust and butt enhancement creams

As a woman, you'll likely not need convincing of the allure of a curvy bust and well-contoured bottom. But what about the role of scientifically based, naturally formulated, skincare solutions in helping you achieve that sought after shape? 

Leading dermatological specialists have long agreed that the plumpness, suppleness, firmness, and bounce characteristics of healthy glowing skin are greatly influenced by elastin and collagen, 'the structural protein in our skin that gives it shape.' 

At Boustise, we're all about beautifying busts and butts. Here's how we developed our revolutionary Boustise Bust Enhancement Serum to boost skin elasticity, collagen formation, for those looking to the best natural ways to achieve plumper, firmer, more lifted breasts and bums. 

In search of naturally Booty-full Busts and Bums 

Hi, I'm Giselle Reinberg, Boustise founder, a former high-profile model and Miss Earth Suriname, as well as a successful television personality. Working extensively in the beauty and fashion industries, I've long been privy to the ongoing conversation around women's desire for more shapely breasts and bums. 

Women from all corners of the globe share a love for plump busts and bottoms. Exercise can play a role in targeting both the pectoral muscles underlying the fatty tissue of our breasts, as well as the glute muscles that shape our rears, to strengthen and tone these areas. 

However, exercise alone isn't enough to ensure even skin tone, and a hydrated plump appearance. Plastic surgery provides an even more drastic and often dangerous response, with breast augmentation and “Brazilian Butt Lift” ,(BBL) procedures being possibly accompanied by sometimes devastating consequences. 

My own keen interest in the study of holistic solutions to beauty and body care, and the transformative effects of natural plant extracts when formulated in potent ways, led me to develop Boustise. Our exclusive range of breast and butt enhancement products contains active ingredients that work to complement genetics, hormones, and the nutritional processes of the body, delivering confidence-boosting breast and bum plumping results. 

 Boustise Founder Giselle Reinbergs with Boustise Bust and Butt Enhancement Bottles 

What's in the genie-ous Boustise bottles? 

The Boustise range is formulated with four core plant extracts famed throughout history and in scientific research for their unique fat and moisture boosting effects. Our signature QuadraPLUMP Lipid Collecting Hydration Boosting formula features tamarind seed extract, which when topically applied to the skin has been shown in studies to have 'statistically significant...effects on skin elasticity and skin moisture contents,' Boustise's formulation also contains pomegranate pure organic seed oil, which has long held superfood status, and whose high Omega 5 content promotes the body's synthesis of collagen, elastin, and telomerase. The enhanced lipid attracting qualities of Mediterranean brown sea fern is highlighted, alongside Biblically-revered organic myrrh, used in skincare by the Ancient Egyptians, and revealed in scientific study as having a potent anti-inflammatory effect on the body. 

These four, combined with other essential skin firming ingredients, such as vitamins A,C, and E, Gotu Kola, Niacin, CoQ10, Multi-Peptides, and White Peony, are delivered via microsphere encapsulation with Boustise's unique liposome technology, ensuring the potency of the plant actives hits hard where it's needed for lift and luscious curvature. 

Sustainable Curves 

At Boustise, our love for nature informs every aspect of what we do. Our ingredients are ethically sourced and organic where possible. Boustise products are sustainably made using 80% recyclable materials in our FDA compliant GMP registered Toronto production facility, which runs on 100% renewable energy. Every Boustise purchase is an opportunity for our customers to feel good about revealing their most enhanced selves, while helping protect the planet and all its bountiful gifts. I invite you to try the Boustise solution for yourself - add some vibrance and plump to your curves with the natural clean science of Boustise

Quadraplump actives with myrrh, tamarind, pomegranate seed, and Mediterranean Brown Sea Fern with Boustise Boxes and Bottles