Can You Increase Breast Size Naturally?

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Is it Possible to Enlarge and Increase Breast Cup Size Naturally?

Before all the lockdowns, I was walking through a beauty district in Chinatown.  I noticed several beauty product shops selling very high-priced bust enhancement products, ranging from 40 to 110 dollars.  I went from store to store asking each salesperson about purchasing one to take home to try, and one by one, I was told they were completely sold out of these creams, lotions and pills. 

I then wondered, "would all these products be sold out if they were just ineffective placebo?" and decided the team and I should do a deep dive into what options women have for natural bust enhancement.

So this brings us to our final conclusion.

Is it possible to naturally increase breast size?

Yes, it is possible to naturally increase breast size. Although every woman is different and many factors may be involved, if expectations on the amount of results and time frame are reasonable then many can be satisfied with the modest gains achieved through natural bust enhancement methods.

Just like taking a natural approach to building muscle through the gym, nutrients, and diet or growing thicker hair with supplementation, topicals, and even light therapy, it is possible at least to some degree to see improvements in bust via the natural route. 

What are the ways women can naturally increase breast size?

We explored several kinds of options currently available to see which natural bust enhancement methods could work.

Can you increase breast size with exercise?

For many, even when combining other natural approaches, the best place to build a foundation to support the bust is by improving posture and increasing chest muscles under the bust. This gives more of an appearance of a full bust even on its own.

Even for international beauty queen contenders in many countries, they may require a minimum of 30 pushups a day to increase the chest size of some of the top hopeful contestants to reach their “ideal” proportions of a higher chest to waist ratio.

Here are a few basic exercises that can be done with weights, kettlebells, or resistance bands:

  • Chest Muscle Strengthening: Incorporate press and fly type exercises to increase the muscle size just beneath the bust structures. 
  • Back Strengthening Exercise: Focus on the upper back.  Use pull type resistance exercises to fixate the shoulders back to create a more extroverted shaped chest.
  • Posture Correcting Exercise: Done correctly, planking is a great way to strengthen the core and lower back to keep your posture straight and improve bust appearance. 

For a more in depth look at breast boosting exercises check out our blog post.

Girl doing chest exercises for bigger bust with fly press and plank

Can you increase breast size by diet?

Nuts and seeds, fruit, green vegetables, seafood, lean meats, and dairy have all been found to provide a healthy and low inflammatory state for boosting bust size.  

Foods such as processed foods, red meats, caffeinated beverages, sugary drinks, and excess alcohol should be avoided as they can lead to an inflammatory state. unbalance hormones and lead to a less plumped bust.

See our detailed post for more ways on how to healthfully increase breast size with food and diet options.

Can you increase breast size with pills?

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We have found consistent results from 4 natural herbs to increase bust size. Many consumers have reported Fenugreek, Saw Palmetto, Pueraria Mirifica, and Maca as having consistently worked for them.  

Fenugreek- Contains the phytoestrogen diosgenin which is claimed to show natural boob swelling and increase.

Saw Palmetto- Boosts prolactin levels while controlling excess testosterone, resulting in an observed increase by users.

Pueraria Mirifica- Thai based root used by locals as a food staple. Contains phytoestrogens very similar to what is produced in the body, resulting in gradual bust volumization, as observed by users.  

Maca- Superfood adaptogen from Peru that supports adrenal and hormone balance. Helps with energy levels and can help correct low hormone levels. Women with thyroid issues may want to use caution with this herb as it may cause increased fluctuations in symptoms.  

It is important to source from quality manufacturers as unwanted fillers, toxins and low-grade ingredients can adversely affect your results.

Can you increase breast size with creams?

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When it comes to bust enhancing creams, oils, lotions, and serums, there is a plethora to choose from. Some are just glorified massage creams, some may work in a subtle way, and a select few have balanced and high-quality nutritive ingredients that can really make a difference after several weeks of use.

Some ingredients to look for are creams with fat trappers, creams with balancing phytoestrogens or adaptogens, (caution for balanced formula), and a great base of antioxidants and skin nutritive ingredients. 

Boustise Bust Enhancement Serum is a great option that has a wide range of synergistic ingredients. Boustise features micro-nutrient and amino acid packed connective tissue and fat supportive specific sea algae. This combines with collagen boosting actives and mitochondria optimizing antioxidants makes for visibly transformed cleavage suitable for all ages.

What to avoid in bust creams are toxic ingredients, such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and micro plastics such as acrylates.  You would not want any of these nasties accumulating long term in your bust or your body.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, you have several options when it comes to naturally increasing your bust size.  As all women are different with varying bust shapes and conditions, you can select which natural solution appeals to you for your lifestyle and needs.

To have better and faster results in the quest for a more plumped bosom, you may want to combine several of the approaches we covered.

To explore more in depth about different bust enhancing products we have reviewed, see our "Guide to 5 best bust enhancing products for 2024