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Benefits of Boustise Breast Enlargement Cream

Boustise Naturally Plumps and Firms Breasts In As Little As Four Weeks

Boustise is able to provide fast-acting results with QUADRAplump, a unique blend of four intense, fat trapping, moisture capturing extracts. Our all-natural breast enhancement formula also consists of multi-peptides, antioxidants and vitamins, including niacin and vitamins A, C and E. Boustise provides noticeable breast lift, breast firming and skin rejuvenating in as little as 28 days with twice daily use. Results continue into the second and third month with extended use. Women looking for natural breast plumping and firming without the use of hormones or surgery can attain plumped perfection with Boustise.

QUADRAplump Extracts:

Four Plumping Actives for Maximum Breast Enhancement

Boustise Breast Enlargement Benefits
Breast Enlargement Benefits

Mediterranean Brown Sea Fern

Helps trap fat and improve moisture binding. This specially-patented algae is gathered from the deep sea and helps nourish breast tissue and promote fat storage in the bust, providing an 11 percent increase in volume enhancement.

Commiphora Mayrrha

Ideal for fat trapping and moisture binding. More commonly known as gum myrrh or myrrh, this historically "more precious than gold" ingredient causes impressive fat collecting within the skin.

Punica Granatum
"Fruit of Fertility"

Used for its volume and strength enhancing characteristics. This ingredient is derived from pomegranate and is packed with nutrients that firm skin, boost collagen synthesis, strengthen circulation and act as a powerful skin moisturizer.

Tamarindus Indica

Binds moisture. This part of the formula is derived from a tree indigenous to Africa that improves skin elasticity, hydration and smoothness better than hyaluronic acid, a common ingredient for wrinkle smoothing injections like Restylane and Juvéderm. For a complete list of our breast enlargement product, visit our Boustise shop.

Boustise uses a revolutionary natural formula to deliver users unparalleled natural breast enlargement and lift. This formula is comprised of multiple concentrated actives to deliver bust enhancement and beautification within weeks of starting to use the serum.
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